PM Games licensing

It is our belief that Project Management learning can be better if they are coupled with hands on practical activities. Most project management education methodologies today are based on theoretical approach which provides value without a doubt. However, the value from these activities can be significantly improved with addition of our copyrighted project management games and activities.

If you are a senior person in your teams and would like to have your teams learn better project management, we request you to consider purchasing these games for incorporation in your teams. We provide very flexible payment options for these games to be used in your teams. Various programs for you to consider are pointed out below.

Purchase of one time License for the Games for internal usage:

With a small onetime fee, you can own the various games developed by our team of consultants and add them to your existing trainings and increase the effectiveness of your existing project management programs. These activities include a set of 16 activities which by themselves would be sufficient to run a 3 day workshops on project management. You get access to four games (each about 2 hours in duration), various project implementation case studies, role plays and hands on project activities

Train the Trainer Programme:

We can train your project management trainees or help your PMP and L&D teams to conduct these programs internally by explaining the theory behind these games and how to conduct these games in the most effective manner. You can trust us that addition of these games will make your existing trainer and training content jump to next level of sophistical and result in significantly better outcomes.

One day Games Workshops to raise the level of Project Awareness:

Project management is one of the areas where any improvement results in direct benefit to both your bottom lines and top lines. Our experts can conduct various one day workshops in your premises with the help of our standard formats which include games, small conference sessions in your premises to raise your overall project management skills and lead to better outcomes.


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