• Being in corporate I have been in many different training programs including six sigma and Lean, but the awareness gathered is simply mind blowing. Never felt lively enough. One of the out of stream domain professional in the April batch but never felt alone. Shrikanth is wonderful person(bearing no doubt in his professionalism and professional knowledge) - never allowed us to sleep after heavy lunch : Thanks Coach :). Many more miles to go.

    Sandip Khushal Bansod Aker Solutions Senior Engineer
  • Over all was an excellent training.Trainer was very knowledgeable and explained the concepts by giving ample examples. Tips provided by him were extremely useful.

    Mridul Account Manager, IBM
  • It was wonderful experience. Srikanth is really knowledgeable and inundated with all required information.

    Navneet Shukla
    Navneet Shukla Systems Analyst Barkleys Technologies Center
  • PMP training was excellent. Shrikant has immense knowledge and experience in project management. I wished if we could have this training for 3-4 weeks as we were running against time in the training. We had to sit for 10 hours every day and it is not very convenient for the person who is coming from long distance. Anyway it is my personal suggestion. I liked the training and I would suggest it to my friends.

    Jatinder Thakur
    Jatinder Thakur Technical Lead, TARASPAN
  • I really liked attending the pmp workshop. It was interactive, fun and great learning. On top of that Srikant sir would share his examples from previous experiences as well which are lessons learnt for us :). I would certainly recommend NCG to my organisation.

    Karanbir Singh Wadhwa
    Karanbir Singh Wadhwa Senior Associate Consultant, BMC Software
  • The workshop was very useful, professional and informative. It was well prepared in advance and content was tailored to set the right context and keep candidates focused on the purpose of PMP.

    Anilkumar Joshi
    Anilkumar Joshi Project Manager, Alepo Technologies
  • The training was good and productive. It had many real scenarios from diverse industries, making it easy to understand the PMP standards from a broader perspective, which is beneficial from PMP exam perspective as well as for personal growth. The sessions were highly interactive, giving each one an opportunity to open up and contribute to the topic. The guidelines on exam provided seems very promising and no doubt has been evolved from a much larger experience from the training team. Along with the content, the arrangement and study material provided is also good.

    Vishakha Sharma
    Vishakha Sharma Delivery Manager, Upside Learning
  • 1: instructor articulation of business language and level of pmp course met the my expectations. 2: timing of course and others consulting services especially to attempt the exam is appreciated

    Sumit Vishwakarma Associate Engineer, Eton Technologies
  • It was a good learning session. The topics covered were focused on the PMP examination. I am feeling confident that I'll be able to clear the PMP.

    Sankhadeep Chakraborty
    Sankhadeep Chakraborty Head of Engineering, Verenite
  • I really enjoyed the workshop conducted by Srikanth. He had covered the concepts really well with lots of examples.

    Rakhi Vikas Sagare Project Manager, Honeywell Automation
  • As I told Mr. Srikant personally few times, it has to be one of the best courses I have personally attended with such attention to detail, well organised, great lectures with the most easy to understand everyday life or current events' examples & step-by-step assistance for PMP , right from exam applications to exam prep to books to the exams themselves. Was also great to be taught by such a passionate & helpful trainer genuinely interested in teaching his subject & in his students.Would certainly consider learning new subjects in the future.

    Poorankumar M Shahani
  • I had a best of my time at MCPM. Sharing of personal experience and examples made the training interesting and smooth. Srikanth, is one of the best trainer I've ever came across the kind of insight he gives to the students is commendable. MCPM is a complete package for any PMP aspirants.

    Ekta S Nair Analyst, BNY Mellon
  • Course was very much informative and helpful. Special thanks to Srikanth for sharing his valuable experience and teaching technique is fantastic.

    Kiran Yadav Senior Engineer, Mphasis
  • I thoroughly enjoyed this program. This program has given insights for many areas which will be helpful for future.

    Avadhoot Joshi Assistant Manager, Valeo India Pvt.Ltd.
  • The course facilitator (Mr. Srikanth) was excellent and engaging and I learnt a lot about effective techniques of project management and good practice as well as potential pitfalls. It was very practical and focused. My project management way of thinking is completely changed after this program.

    Rakesh Kumar General Manager Technical, Polyplastics Industries Pvt Ltd
  • This is the Best training workshop that i have attended so far. Trainer Mr. Srikanth has shared numerous examples from his experiences which are great helpful in understanding the complex topic as easy as simple. Just need to follow his technique to clear the PMP. This workshop will help you not only in clearing PMP but also the way you look at the things/situation will change.

    Srinivasa Venigalla
  • Thanks for your valuable inputs about PMP certification workshop. I have enjoyed a lot!!

    Nirav Shah Senior Lead, IBM
  • Training session and the quality of training has drastically changed and improved than ever.

    Sachin Narayan Nagle Associate Project Leader, KPIT
  • It was a whole new experience for me to attend such a nice workshop on PMP at NCG. The very friendly atmosphere, excellent course materials and very knowledgeable trainer. Thanks to Srikanth for sharing his expertise to all of us and making us confident.

    Gireesh Kumar CG
    Gireesh Kumar CG Asst. Manager Operations, Tata Communications Transformations Ltd
  • The session was very educative. I strongly feel the topics discussed not only will help us to understand PMP concepts but also help us to handle our day to day tasks and situations better.

  • PMP training classes conducted by Srikant was very interactive and he always ensured that all the topics are understood by everyone by giving industry examples. I am very satisfied with the way PMP workshop was conducted. Looking forward for support and guidance till I appear for certification in June 2016.

    Veereshkumar Shivashankar Wali
    Veereshkumar Shivashankar Wali Sr. Consultant, Capgemini
  • It was a great experience to attend this training. Srikant took us through the subject in the best possible way.

    Saket Executive, Tata Communications
  • "The PMP certification training workshop was highly value added and the instructor Mr Srikanth has taught the topics in such a way that he simplified the PMP coarse for the PMP seekers. I would like to attend the further coarses offered by NCG after completing the PMP exam successfully."

    Chaitanya MES Team Lead, Honeywell Automation India Ltd
  • I am extremely satisfied with the workshop. Srikanth's knowledge on the subject as well as his way of conducting the workshop is really commendable. I look forward to attending other workshops in future.

    Shibashis Das
    Shibashis Das Consultant, IBM
  • "Excellent instructor with great experience and diverse knowledge in management stream.This training has presented a wealth of knowledge in an easy to digest format. The information, theory and practical application with games along with presentation material was exceptional and very well accepted. Many long questions have been answered and misconceptions dispelled. Had provided excellent food for thought. One of the best training I've ever attended !!!! Many Thanks !!!!"

    Nilesh Mohite Manager, Cognizant
  • reat course! Excellent materials and presentations. The presenter (Shrikant Sir) was great about answering our questions, and the course was very informational. I found the manuals very user friendly and the examples were useful and thought-provoking. I was impressed with the simplicity of language used in Project Read curriculum. You covered a lot in a short time. I can take what I learned and start applying it directly to my current project. Great work!

    Gajanana Bhat Manager, Sanofi Ltd
  • It was a good learning experience with consultant Mr. Srikanth. This workshop was highly interactive and with lot of inputs and tips related to PMP exam preparation.

    Sandeep Bhimaji Joshi
    Sandeep Bhimaji Joshi Sr. Sales Engineer, Bosch Ltd
  • The workshop was very beneficial. The amount of discussion and examples given were optimum and helped to ease the learning process. Srikant was great at his job and new exactly what was required to get us up the curve. Would like to pass the exam at one go with the kind of training received.

    Jay janai
    Jay janai Sr. Principal Engineer, Mphasis
  • The instructor was very good and knowledgeable. He was able to answer each and every query. The entire knowledge session was filled with humor and we really enjoyed while we were learning. After completing the training my confidence has boosted a lot. Looking forward to complete the exam with high confidence.

    Irfan Shaikh
    Irfan Shaikh Manager, Capgemini
  • Training workshop was awesome, highly effective and fruitful.

    Pournima Walke Tech Lead, Mphasis
  • This session really help me to understand nitty-gritties of Project Management. Shrikanth always kept all of us on toes with lot of interactions.

    Unmesh Ramesh Jadhav
  • The training conducted by Srikanth was really good and has helped us understand the PMP content really very well. The examples shared during the training course were very relevant and also to the context. I had a very good experience in the training where knowledge was shared w.r.t. to content, PMP exam and interview questions. Srikanth has excellent knowledge and a extremely good hold on the subject the days spent in training were both fun and full of knowledge.

    Arshad Farooqui Sr. Manager-Operations, AllState Insurance
  • It was good to have my training from Srikant. The way he explains everything with examples was good. Tips for clearing PMP was icing on the cake.

    Ravi Maheshwari
    Ravi Maheshwari Technical Architect,
  • Best 1st step i could have taken to start my journey of Project management.

    Abhishek Associate Manager, Allscripts
  • Session was good and very informative.

    Ayush Jain Associate Manager, Allscripts
  • Training program is excellent especially trainer is superb.

    Saroj Kumar Nayak Manager, Dialogic
  • Nucleus group has been refereed to me by my colleague and the same I have done with my colleagues and peers. I had a great learning experience with the batch, as there was lot of interactions and examples from different industries were discussed. Heart full Thanks to Shrikant for engaging and motivating us towards our PMP goal. Last but not least the content and environment for the class was friendly & easy to understand.

    Ashish Khobragade
    Ashish Khobragade Project Manager, Tetra Pack
  • Crafted training for PMP

    Chandra Sekhar Sakinala
    Chandra Sekhar Sakinala Sr. Consultant, Light Pharma
  • I find the workshop very much interactive and useful for the preparation for PMP certification.Also the tips n guidance given by Srikanth sir will definitely helps us to crack exam in first attempt.

    Parag Kulkarni
    Parag Kulkarni Dy.Program Manager, General Motors
  • The quality of the workshop is Platinum. My best regards To Mr. Srikant. It was delight to be trained by him

    Jai Mishra
  • The training should be equally paced on all the days. The pace was very slow for first 2 days and then very fast for the other 2. Should be more example/role play oriented than theoretical.

    Monisha Technical Lead, Globant
  • The session conducted for PMP certification was really interesting & knowledgeable, which really made our doubts to overcome about PMP. Looking forward for more sessions or workshops in regrads for other certification.

  • The PMP workshop was very nice except 1st-day discussions which was not so relevant to PMP field of studies. ( The first day discussion cost us 6 hrs which we need to compensate on 04th day by staying till 10pm!!)

    Sandip Vhatkar
    Sandip Vhatkar Project Manager and Scrum Master, Infosys
  • Srikanth demonstrated excellent knowledge by sharing real-life examples and by providing the pointers to prepare for PMP, which helped in understanding the concepts and think differently for PMP. It was a great experience and extended learning opportunity.

    Gaurav Thadani
    Gaurav Thadani Project Manager and Scrum Master, Infosys
  • Over all training was good. Time management could have been better. 1st day actual study started after half day so on last day we have to rush through chapter. Srikanth's example and experience sharing are good and useful. few times i felt that there were too many example then needed. It was good learning and fun as well.

    Ashish Chaturvedi
    Ashish Chaturvedi Consultant software engineer, Mastercard
  • The overall workshop was very interactive and intuitive especially the examples given by Srikanth help to remember the topic read during workshop.

    Sumeet Sidar
    Sumeet Sidar Assistant Vice President, Citi Bank
  • Thank you and Mr. Shrikant for providing the nice service. Special thanks to Mr.Srikanth Sir for giving me valuable training and I am sure it will be very useful training in my career and exam point of view.In near future also i will do training for Agile.

    Neeraj Sharma
    Neeraj Sharma Technical delivery Manager, Tata Technologies
  • Thank you for the great four day workshop. It was very informative, very well presented, plus enjoyable. Extend my special thanks to Srikanth, whose in depth knowledge on Project Management helped us learning and managing projects using different methodologies. I have learned so much from the training program that not only will assist me in preparation for the PMP mains exam but also help in managing projects the way it should be. I have already started to use some of the strategies I learnt during the workshops and the output is remarkably well. Thanks for the wonderful workshop sessions.

    Shashank Shekhar
    Shashank Shekhar IT Manager, First Data Development Pvt. Ltd.
  • My learning experience was awesome. The knowledge Srikanth shared during the training was thorough and full of live examples. This will help us not only pass the exam but later too. Your quick response on my emails is also highly appreciated.

    Nilam Lapsiwala Senior Consultant, Hitachi Consultant
  • The session was awesome. And the techniques and examples given to analyse questions were really worth. Srikant class has really helped me a lot.

    Ratnakar Singh Sr. QA Engineer, Cybage
  • Excellent training...each and every aspect of topic very well clarified by Mr.Srikant Kumar Kota

    Pravin Balasaheb Gurav
  • PMP training was extremely good and useful for further PMP Exam. Trainer Shrikant is an amazing guy. He simply extended our moral up for exam.

    Permendra Kumar
    Permendra Kumar SAP FICO Consultant, Accenture
  • The topics are covered very well by Srikanth. Examples which he provided in all the topics were very useful. Srikanth is excellent facilitator and would love to join his session in future.

    Raj Kamal
  • The course was jam-packed and very productive which was great! Shrikant was very inspiring and truly demonstrated the spirit of the course. An excellent course, it has to be by far the most valuable." You guys are really doing great job.

    Kailas Deshingkar Sr Team lead, Persistent systems ltd
  • This is great to lean more about PMP and the training so much of knowledge orientated.Mr,Shrikant is energetic person with nice skills to explain the chapter in simple manner.

    Shankar Jaywantrao Pawar
    Shankar Jaywantrao Pawar Research Scientist, Lupin Pharma
  • Thank you Srikanth for the training and related examples we been through during training, it was the best training I ever been to , this will definitely change my professional life.

    Raosaheb Shinde Associate Manager, Jade Global, INC.
  • The session was very knowledgeable and engaging. Srikanth try his best to push us beyond the comfort zone and think from a project manager perspective. He is helpful and approachable. Also, I liked the fact that you do not need to pay a single penny for revise session (no matter how many times you come back). He also provides us tips and techniques.

    Apurva Dipti
    Apurva Dipti Manager, HSBC
  • The training workshop conducted by Srikant Kota was quite informative and comprehensive.. The information and knowledge i acquired in this workshop should help me in my preparation for the PMP exam certification

    Gauri Bhat
  • Great Experience. Keep it up.

    Ruchita Rathore
    Ruchita Rathore Creative Director, Soul Interiors
  • The training was really a great learning. I am now aiming to get PMP Certified. Mr. Srikant Kota is wonderful trainer with very good experience in this profession.

    Mahesh More
  • Participating in this workshop is great learning experience. Till now I was wrongly interpreting the concept of project management. This workshop really helped me to understand the project management in a true way. Srikanth sir with expertise on this subject, the enthusiasm, and passion with which workshop is conducted I never saw in my career so far. The material provided are up to the mark.The way the details are shared for the exam preparation not only on exam topics but also about last days preparation, I really appreciate for the same. Thanks a lot to NCG, Srikanth sir, I will do my best and I am sure will pass this exam as soon with your support and guidance.

    Rishikesh R Korde
    Rishikesh R Korde Consultant Specialist, HSBC Software DevelopmentPrivate Limited
  • Awesome training

    Utsarg Narain Senior Software Engg, HSBC GLT
  • This is truly one of the excellent session attended by me. This will really helpful for my knowledge and professional certifications. I will definitely refer my friends/colleagues who has aspiration to do PMP. Its worth. Kudos ..

    Sanjay Naphade
    Sanjay Naphade Technical Project Management, Datametica Solutions Private Limited
  • It was great interacting with Srikanth & all the other team members. The energy & passion with which the sessions were conducted rubbed on all of us. The subject matter knowledge & experiences shared by all helped me a lot in understanding the subject. The post workshop discussions regarding exams, planner & overall support associated with NCG is unparalleled. Looking forward to getting certified & be associated for further workshops.

    Anil Sagar
    Anil Sagar Manager Production, NORD Drivesystems Pvt Ltd
  • It was excellent.

    Madhavi Sharma
    Madhavi Sharma Operations Manager, Cognizent
  • Training was very interactive and one of best i had ever attended. Training was supported with lot of real world example and actual scenario.

    Amit Anand
    Amit Anand Sr. Design Engineer, Tata Technologies
  • It was a very useful PMP workshop & it will definitely help us to crack the exams.

    Ajay Kondyal Asistant Manager, Tata Motors Ltd
  • I would like to thank you for helping with enrollment. The overall experience has been very good. The versatile experience of Srikanth Kota helped making the learning more interesting that we were glued to his lecture and time was never a bar. Once again thanks for adding value to our career.

    Sushmaa V
    Sushmaa V PMO, Private Banking Citi
  • Fantastic and really useful workshop. Excellent instructor with great experience and diverse knowledge in project management. Everything was well prepared and well planned. I received everything which i needed and even more. It was extremely useful and its necessity to every future PM to attend this worthwhile workshop. I personally would like to thanks Srikanth sir for his motivational guidance and very very very good training on project management. 100/100 from my side.

    Ashwin Namewar Systems Specialist, PTC
  • "Though it was a classroom training programme but due to Srikanth's extra efforts & passion towards Project Management really the overall session was kind of individual training programme. Though it was a classroom training programme but due to Srikanth's extra efforts & passion towards Project Management really the overall session was kind of individual training programme. Thanks Srikanth, for your individual guidance & sharing qualitatively training programme."

    Vaibhav More
    Vaibhav More Export Product Manager , General Motors
  • Session was interactive and good. There is always a scope for improvement. I think the examples shared during the workshop should be short and crisp and more time should be given on the calculations part which is there. This was my observation. rest all was good.

    Saurabh khot
    Saurabh khot Transition Manager, Capita IT Solutions
  • It was extremely helpful 4 day training session and a very bright batch which helped to understand project management from basic level. The workshop provided some very concrete and easy-to-follow tools for evaluation and working toward a solution. Quality of the content was excellent. Nice balance of theory and practice. I feel confident in applying this approach to different situations that come knocking at my door. I appreciate the study material provided by the facilitator Srikanth sir who took us on a ride and helped understand complex topics in a very simple language, methodology, good communication skills and perspective that can be used for future reference as we face challenging situations. I feel much better prepared to deal with uncomfortable issues. They are simple, easy to follow and practical tools for us to use in our work lives. Exceeded my expectations. My gratitude to Srikanth sir for the valuable training. I really enjoyed it, and appreciate that it was fun.

    Prashant Pawar
    Prashant Pawar Business Analyst, Maersk Global Service Centres
  • The classroom sessions were really nice and unique experience. Srikanth sir's unique method of teaching converted the boring theoretical subject of Project Management into interested topic. Really enjoyed the all four days!!

    Rucha Sawarkar
  • The trainings as always was upto the mark and did really help me catch up with what i missed in last session.

    Chetan Dontulwar
  • Thanks for allowing me to attend this training. Now I am very much clear about the correct approach for preparation of PMP exams and also which material we need refer.Training was very knowledgeable and conducted by very senior person who clarified all queries during training session.

    Ajay Bhandarkar
  • I am 100% sure no one ever give bad feedback for Srikanth sir...he is a tremendous personality ...very friendly and very knowledgeable. I hope i will able to use his knowledge and effort in my pmp preparation. Thanks for making me a part of such wonderfull learning session

    Saral Shrivastava
    Saral Shrivastava Project Manager, Infosys
  • The session conducted by Srikanth was excellent !! He has very deep understanding of the subject and is very good at teaching and making the students understand the concepts through example. It was a very useful session and I have got a good knowledge about project management. Srikanth is very sincere and dedicated toward his profession.

    Adarsh A R
  • The content was delvered to perfection,Srikanth has such an abundance of knowledge that i think you guys need to revamp the course for 5 days and not 4.

    Deepak Sharma
    Deepak Sharma Project Manager,Qualys Security
  • It was absolutely pleasure to attend the session with Srikanth sir. All of these 4 days, was full of knowledge, interactive sessions & fun. Lots of learning.

    Gayatri Deshmukh
    Gayatri Deshmukh Senior Executive, Vodafone India Services Private Limited
  • 4 Days learning program was very effective,Motivating and encourages you to study and appear for PMP Exam.There were so many tools and techniques shared by the Trainer how to plan your study for clearing the PMP exams. Examples shared during training session were so helpful to remember the things.From the day you start your study and till the time you give your exam each and everything was explained very well. Thanks for such a wonderful session.

    Neha Khare
  • Training was very helpful.

    Divya Patil
  • Excellent training...!!! Srikant keeps energy level up and kept us interested throughout the sessions. Excellent content with interesting examples and simulations. Great opportunity to learn various aspects of project management that looks simple in nature but generally overlooked in major industries

    Vandana Bhimani
    Vandana Bhimani Project Manager,Varian Medical Systems
  • This classroom training was one of the best I have attanded in a long time. The passion and dedication of Srikanth Sir is remarkable. The things which stood out for me and would help anyone to choose this classroom training:1. Srikanth Sir taught the basics of project management from real life perspective and most importantly, from the PMP exam's perspective.2. The questions asked during the classes by Srikanth Sir makes one think and clear doubts about project management. The method of teaching, concept building and answering the questions is very refreshing and effective.3. The live and practical examples given in the class by Srikanth Sir make the class very interactive. So, very few chances of sneaking a nap even in a 10 hour of training per day. You don't feel the need for that.4. The course content is very well explained and the techniques taught in the class takes you towards success in PMP exam.I would recommend this classroom training by Srikanth Sir to everyone who is thinking about the success in PMP exam.

    Mahesh Kundu
  • I am very pleased to tell you that I am very happy to have a PMP Training with NCG here in Pune, due to its unique course features and the benefits out of it. The follow-up made by you through emails and making us understand the importance was really very good. The course material was awesome and covers each and every aspect of the project management.NCG Pune has got and we are very fortunate to have Srikanth as the Facilitator for it, what a man, he is so good at explaining the concepts in project management making difficult things easy with plenty examples, even if we keep examples in mind it clicks the concepts in our mind and vise-verse, he is excellent facilitator, he make us sit 9 hours except for the break hours and ensured that things are fully understood in a better fashion in all the 4-day PMP Boot camp.Srikanth helped us understand about the value and importance having this training, this course and the respective certification is unique and that's why it still holds the importance all over the world. He also stressed on why is it important to speak the project management language. I think this is all that it says.I will surely recommend Srikanth to all my friends who are really interested in building up their career. As a alumni, I would like to stay updated through emails on the upcoming new certifications and would also like to complete them as in when they are launched. I really like to Thank you and Srikanth from my bottom of heart for everything you did to make this happen for me as an individual.Finally, those who are looking for a good PMP course provider in the market, I will strongly suggest going with NCG only since they will not only give you the training but also help you to build your career.That's all ! Thank you very much once again.

    Sandeep Barge
    Sandeep Barge Project Manager, EMC
  • Being in corporate world for almost 10 years, this was my first work shop which was so focused on objective, and every input/practical scenarios explained so well which helps to remember concepts. Srikanth, always gives his best to make it happen for you. Thank you so much Srikanth for all the valuable inputs and support during workshop.

    Somshekhar Badkar
    Somshekhar Badkar linkedin.com/in/somshekhar-badkar-prince2®-p-855812102 Assistant Manager, Vodafone Shared Services India
  • The session was quite insightful and empowering. Srikanth’s knowledge and zeal to help his students is commendable. The content is precise and concise. Best part is that the training removed all the fears about PMP and could build a strong belief in the student that PMP is achievable provided we follow the guidelines and planner shared by Srikanth. Looking forward to pursue other courses from NCG.

    Prajakta Project Manager, Wipro
  • This is one of the best workshop I have ever attanded .This workshop is full of learning and helped me to understand the Project managment better which in turn help to Pass PMP exam .

    Ankit Jain
    Ankit Jain Assistant Consultant, TCS
  • I found the course experience a truly enriching one. The content and concepts covered were detailed and easily understood. This will definitely be a good headstart in completing my pmp certification.

    Francis Travas
    Francis Travas Project Manager, BNY Mellon
  • Ravi Ratnaparkhi It was an impactful, motivating 4 days training session by Srikanth, learning project management topics with real world experience stories.

    Ravi Ratnaparkhi
    Ravi Ratnaparkhi Quality Analys, BNY Mellon
  • The entire workshop was very focused and informative.

    Malavika Dutta
    Malavika Dutta Sr.Software Engineer, Data Point
  • The course was conducted by Srikant is an very interactive session. I was recommended for this course training from Srikant by my previous manager. There was not even a single dull moment during the 4 days of training. Giving of practical real life examples helped us understand the concepts easily. I can only say that now I am recommending Srikant to my other colleagues! The only suggestion I would like to make for improvement is to increase the course duration to 6 days due to it's very exhaustive nature.

    Bhushan Harlikar
    Bhushan Harlikar Asst. Manager, Tata Motors- GDC
  • Overall training session was good. What I liked:- 1. Examples shared during session, it was really useful and aligned to the topics. 2. Throughout 4 days session was focused on exam preparation + knowledge also. 3. I also like the fact that Mr. Srikanth (trainer) keeps motivating and builds the confidence. 4. Study package is good and to the point. (NCG slides + Flash Card). 5. Detailed study planner. 6. Last day discussion of details about how to approach for exam with minute details.

    Praphul Kumar
    Praphul Kumar Asst. Manager, Suzlon Grou
  • The quality of the Program in terms of the contents, presentation, trainer , was at par with my expectation or even more than that.

    Chiranjit Shah
  • Excellent training experience! I am extremely satisfied with course. The instructor, Srikanth did fabulous job. He is very experienced and the sessions were very interactive. Each and every question was answered, if needed they extended sessions also. He is highly professional and skilled trainer who provided practical "Real World" examples. Support team is also very helpful and approachable. I can't wait to take my next course!

    Vaibhav Kumbhar
    Vaibhav Kumbhar Associate Manager,Allscripts
  • It was indeed a fantastic session i went through with Shrikant for PMP. The way organized and full of enthusiasm the session was, i would really say thanks and a big round of applause to Srikant for being himself so knowledgeable and sharing the same with others. The efforts by Srikant for standing for so many hours and dilvering it 100% was commendable. I feel lucky enough to be associated with NCG and would surely enroll for more courses in future and enrich myself with more knowledge.

    Makarand Kshirsagar
  • The training inputs were excellent. And appreciate sincerely the energy and efforts of Mr. Srikant to tirelessly deliver in a long stretch consistently and keeping us engaged as well.

    Siddhesh Mantri Project Manager, Sulzer India
  • It was full of knowledge and discussion made during workshop. I must say it was most improved version than last attended workshops

    Vijay Gajanan Deshmukh
  • Being a Alumni of Nucleaus Consulting Group, I Joined recent session as a Refresher Training Batch. In view of my expectations, I found it truly worth & enriching my past PMP session knowledge. I recommend prospective PMP Participant for assured positive support for PMP Certification process. Thanks to Shrikant for extended Support.

    Prashant Ashok Jagatap
    Prashant Ashok Jagatap Team Lead, Roakwell Automation
  • Even for person like me who do not have any educational background in project management, Srikant sir was able to explain the concepts and framework beautifully through real life examples and scenarios. His insights of PMP examination are amazing. Further the deep understanding of concepts, processes, knowledge areas makes learning very effective. The interactive training methodology and style makes the whole process enjoyable and enriching. Recently I have undergone the refresher course and this continued support after the course I had taken 2 years back is invaluable and shows the commitment of the institute to deliver. I cannot express my gratitude in words for enriching relationship that has developed with the faculty and the support I have received.

    Ravi Deshpande
    Ravi Deshpande Centre Manager, Lupin Human Welfare and Research Foundation
  • The agile training was very informative and helpful. It becomes an interesting session also when Srikanth is the Guru. His style of imparting knowledge is very simple and very practical which anybody in the world can understand and implement. Every topic has some basics and Srikanth is an expert to make you understand in the most simplest way.

    Dinesh Pillai Technical Support,BMC
  • One of the best trainer for every aspects of project management, be it traditional or Agile. 10 out of 10 for such a wonderful training.

    Ashwin Namewar
    Ashwin Namewar Systems Specialist,PTC
  • This workshop is really helpful, the guidance you get from Srikanth is amazing, all the topics are covered in detail and you get to learn a lot. I will recommend this workshop to my other colleagues and friends.

    Sunay Ovhal
  • Excellent training and trainer for PMP.

    Avirat Kapgate
    Avirat Kapgate System Architect,Websym Technologies
  • Excellent. Srikanth Sir's sessions were brilliant. Because of his rich and varied experience across industries, every word he utters is insightful.

    Pinak Chincholkar
    Pinak Chincholkar Team Lead, Springer Nature Technology and Publishing Solutions
  • The PMP sessions were worth every minute. Srikanth is an awesome instructor, I am not yet prepared for the exam, but I know that I will be able to handle a project in real life following the project management rules that I learned from him. He is inspiring and inculcates the desire to excel in the participants. Thanks a lot to him. 🙂

    Paromita Sharma
    Paromita Sharma Technical Writer, Capgemini
  • It was an amazing experience to be part of this program. The trainer is very professional and focused. I would say this training program has the complete ingredients one would need to achieve PMP certification and more importantly knowledge. Lastly but not the least trainer does make a difference. Thanks Shrikant.

    Mohamad Ismail Project Manager, TCS
  • Very Informative, The Training is interactive and Helps to understand thing Better .

    Nimish Ghanwat
    Nimish Ghanwat Project Engineer, Alicon Castalloy Ltd
  • It has been an amazing experience while attending the workshop for Prince2 and PMP, since I have not only gained knowledge but also taken through various case studies from different industries...loved your sessions Srikant ...

    Shubham Rastogi German Translator,Freelancer
  • Excellent Coaching and Training method. Srikanth sir is one of the best trainers I have trained with... I would certainly recommend people to join his PMP and other certification trainings. Cheers!!!

    Milap Thaker Senior Manager, Packt Publications
  • Excellent Learning Arena!! Kudos to Srikant Sir!!

    David Project Manager, Epiq Systems